Races of Demcain


- Women average height is around 5'5", Males average is around 5'9" - Female average weight is 110 lbs, the Male average weight is 160 lbs - The only race can can use Bain - Being among the smallest race they can still take on most foes in armed combat, not counting if the person was a bain guide - Being a farming based race, they wear wool clothing and leather - When they are in battle they favor armed combat or utilizing bain if they happen to be a guide - They are a race is can be arrogant at times and considering themselves a more perfected race being born in the image of Demcain himself. They often war against each other but their race as a whole is usually able to set aside their differences. - They are under the mind set that a good defense is as good or better then full offense
Physical Description: Basically humans, they are the shortest race so far and not too much to say about them in terms of physical description they are literally Caucasian humans. They wear clothing they make themselves from shearing wool or hunting and using leather.
- Women average height is around 6'6" Males average is around 7' - Female Average weight is 260, the Male average weight is 340 lbs - Really Strong proud warriors - One man to every three Woman - The entire race are battle hardened warriors however the majority of their military might are female because there are more females to males - Being a Hunting and foraging based race, they wear leather stitched together - When they are in battle they favor armed combat with pikes, large spears, and swords but they are adept in unarmed combat - They are a race that certainly isn't afraid of war and they often war against other tribes of their own people as they are very patriotic to their own villages to that extent - They are based more around offense and will take another sword with them over a shield
- Women average height is around 6' Males average is around 6'3"
- Female average weight is 140 lbs, the Male average weight is 170 lbs
- A very spiritual race that despite their dark world counterparts, take their place in this world very seriously
- At birth every person is given a mask with some family symbols on it, when they become of age they get one last mask that is bigger and fits them better then their "birth mask" and they paint on it what is important to them or is of great significance
- They are a tall and lanky race of people an almost satirical copy of the Arala. They have long limbs and long faces, an almost mystical looking race
- Their eyes, perhaps the only feature not shared by the Arala beside their lack of bain magic are long and sad looking, deep, dark, hypnotizing. The only thing less likely then seeing it's eyes however, is seeing one without a mask on
- They are a farming based race and despite appearances are quite capable in combat. They wear leather armor beneath their long robes that cover their wispy frames
- When they are in battle they prefer armed combat with pikes, spears, and swords. They are also very capable and technical in unarmed combat and they take advantage of their height and long reach
- They are based most around a strong defense but not with a shield, their defense meaning keeping their opponent at bay with their long weapons held by their long arms

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