Baincuil PowersEdit

Baincuil (Bain) is an unseen energy that exists within all components of life. A Bain Guide or just Guide is a person that can use this energy to perform amazing feats of skill and ability.

People of these power are strongly gauged and limited by their potential or their practise in their own abilities. Only Arala have the ability to be born as a Guide but it seems only a small amount of around 18% are born this way.

Guide that changes appearance - These Guides have been known to shapeshift into creatures or even people of other races. This power depends a lot on the persons potential and powerful users have been known to experience the strength and movement habits of the creature they have become. This power can be dangerous as it it the only power that works like a light switch, the user has to make sure they have enough energy to turn back although there does not seem to be any consequences for staying a certain way so that person would have as much time as they wanted to charge the energy needed to change back. This power has perhaps the least that is known about it and the greatest mystery.

Guide that changed physical attributes - These Guides have the ability to increase their own physical strength and in some extreme cases, to increase the strength of others. They can do amazing things such as increasing the strength in their legs to jump significantly higher or run significantly faster. No physical changes to note on someone using this power.
Guide that can see Bain, gather it, and take it from others - These Guides are largly sought after as they have a rare ability to see Bain, as well as gather it. However they are infamous because of their ability to prevent other Bain Guides from absorbing energy. They can see if someone is using Bain to change their body and they can take the power from a shapeshifter while they are shapeshifted.
Guide that can disappear - These Guides have the ability to make themselves go invisible, although not many of these Guides have the potential to turn completely invisible and those who can, cannot stay that way for long.

Guide that can charge and exert energy - These Guides have a unique ability to use charged Bain to lift and move objects one person could not move as easilly. Perhaps the greatest benfit of this power is that they can move objects a good distance as well. This power may have the most potential because there are always new and creative ways of using it for example, charging the energy in the users' body and exerting it to release a shockwave of energy enough to take a person off their feet.

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